What Is the Demo of TikTok: Is It More Than Gen Z?

What is the demo of TikTok_ Is it more than Gen Z_You probably can’t stop hearing about TikTok, a new video-sharing app that has been steadily rising in popularity over the last few years. Many marketers, however, seem wary that it’s only being dominated by Gen Z, which Pew Research defines as anyone born between 1997-2012. So you might be wondering if it’s the best platform to reach your target audience, especially if you aren’t just targeting Gen Zers. We’re here to debunk this myth and shed some light on how your brand can tap into the marketing opportunities that TikTok has to offer. 

Let’s recap a bit first. 

What is TikTok?

TikTok described in a few words is simply, really short videos. TikTok video creators can share looping videos between 15 and 60 seconds long and have access to editing tools, a massive music library, along with many filters and effects. These tools let TikTok users create content that ranges from lipsyncing and dance to comedy and vlogs. 

So, what is the demographic of TikTok?

Here are a few basic stats on the demographic of U.S. TikTok users:

  • 60% of users are female while 40% are male
  • 43% of users are aged between 16-24 
  • A quarter of users are aged between 45-64

As TikTok continues to grow, we can expect these demographics to shift as well. But it’s clear that TikTok’s appeal is not limited to just Gen Z, they just seem to have been some of the first to jump on the hype.  And since this demo has a knack for picking up the latest trends, investing some time on the app could help keep your brand “in the know.”

Why Gen Z Gravitates Toward TikTok

TikTok is a place of creativity where anyone can get noticed and go viral. In fact, the TikTok algorithm helps get you there! Part of TikTok’s allure is that “perfectionism” won’t determine how successful you’ll be, it’s simply based on how engaging you can be. 

Tiffany Zhong, CEO of Zebra IQ, explained the appeal to Gen Z: “It’s a level playing ground and anyone can go viral. The default For You feed highlights accounts that a user does not follow.” This allows users to be completely themselves and get recognized for their original content. 

Why Your Brand Should Consider TikTok

Understanding the benefits that TikTok provides will help your brand determine the right strategy to put into place. Here are just a few of the reasons you should tap into this unique platform: 

  • To boost brand awareness 
  • Attract a new audience
  • Work with TikTok influencers

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Discover what all the hype is about! Even if Gen-Z isn’t your target audience, you have other eyes you can attract on this platform—so be sure not to miss out. To learn more about incorporating TikTok into your future marketing campaigns, and how you can get TikTokers posting for your brand, check out Statusphere.

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