Top Oriental WordPress Themes for a Simple & Beautiful Website Design

As a yoga teacher or massage expert, the last thing you can do is design websites. Well, the good news is that you don’t need to learn how to do that. We offer you to save time and get down to the web design using oriental WordPress themes today. Of course, having a website is important, but you’ll want it to be beautiful. And there’re no reasons you can’t design it this way. And what’s more, you don’t have to pay the big bucks for that. Afraid of being lost in a variety of premium WordPress themes? It can happen, but we are here to help. 

If you’re thinking about getting a website online, you’re at the right place. Since our WP templates are first-class, you won’t regret checking them. Don’t go high with your website design since a simple and effective website is the key to success. Also, you get a myriad of benefits with our templates. Responsive design, SEO optimization, and speed performance are only some of the goodies. Needless to say, about premium plugins you will find in each option. Some of those offers add eCommerce functionality, while others booking systems depend on what you need. So, make sure you’ve made a list of things that matter to you and dive into the collection to find the right one for you.

Mission – Church & Religion Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Mission - Church & Religion Multipurpose WordPress Theme
Top Oriental WordPress Themes for a Simple & Beautiful Website Design 1

With Mission, create a website that works for your non-profit project. It features a clean, attractive design that looks outstanding across all modern devices. Besides, it follows the best SEO rules to help your idea dominate the SERP results. Also, it has clear navigation to make your site more accessible to visitors. That will help to garner traffic and encourage the visitors to vote with their money for your causes.

If you want to maintain a secure website, Mission is the solution. It supports the GDPR Compliance plugin to protect you and your donor’s data so you can keep your supporters’ trust. When you add a subscription box, you enable visitors to sign up for your newsletter to share updates. Elementor comes as a major tool for crafting pages anyone can use. It lets you modify your page layouts, including colors, fonts, buttons, and more. For the biggest impact, create stunning galleries packed with emotionally charged pictures. Also, with the added WooCommerce functionality, it is easier to sell your merchandise on your site. And those are not all the perks bundled in Mission. Click the Details button to learn more.

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Vihara | Ashram Oriental Buddhist Temple WordPress Theme + RTL

Top Oriental WordPress Themes for a Simple & Beautiful Website Design 2

Vihara opens up our list of oriental WordPress themes for reasons. It’s clean, attractive, and modern for any contemporary business out there. The RTL feature makes your content visible to users worldwide. If you’re a fan of Gutenberg, Vihara lets you make use of it. Do what you do best with the help of a website that proves a better user experience online. It’s in your best interest to check other benefits of the theme. 

We will prove that there are many reasons to use Vihara to your advantage. First, it features a truly responsive design that adapts to smart devices of all kinds. As a result, your website brings in new customers, which is great. Next, the donation functionality helps you raise money for your causes. Vihara offers a pack of pre-designed pages for newbies that help get started quicker. There’s no entry barrier to customizing your page layouts yourself. The Events Calendar will be the solution if you plan to hold events or workshops. Sure, the theme is WooCommerce-ready and lets you start making profits within several clicks. Getting creative with your page layouts is easy. Finally, Elementor comes as a major page builder and makes things easier for you.

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Great Lotus | Oriental Buddhist Temple WordPress Theme + RTL

Top Oriental WordPress Themes for a Simple & Beautiful Website Design 3

Designing a health and wellness website shouldn’t be tough. With Great Lotus, you can save time and get it live quicker. The theme has a nice, clean design that helps you focus on things that matter. It would be a great option for yoga, church, meditation, or religious websites. In general, you can use it to build any business or corporate website to stand out from the masses. Here’s what you can get with it.

First, it features events management to help you keep your users in the know of everything around your business. Also, it makes it easier to get more reservations online and ultimately more sales. Thanks to a pack of pre-designed pages, you can get down to work quicker. Use drag and drop functionality and see how easily you can change almost every tiny design element on your site. Above all, the theme supports the ThemeREX Donation plugin for accepting payments online. For crafting pages, use WPBakery page builder. It doesn’t require you to learn how to code, and that’s great. You can also add more attention to your products or services by placing them on your homepage sliders. There are many working contact forms to consider to keep in touch with your users.

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Samadhi | Oriental Buddhist Temple WordPress Theme

Top Oriental WordPress Themes for a Simple & Beautiful Website Design 4

Samadhi can help you build a website and add a few finishing touches. No wonder it makes the list of oriental WordPress themes today. Thanks to its truly responsive layout, it looks nice and stylish on each smart device. A beautiful website represents your brand, and with Samadhi you can do it yourself. For that, Elementor page builder comes bundled in the theme. Spend some extra time to learn the benefits you can expect to get with this theme.

As with most premium WP templates, Samadhi comes with a loss of pre-designed page layouts. Above all, it includes a dozen of custom shortcodes & widgets that can help showcase your skills & achievements. The theme works with Elementor and lets you create new page layouts like a pro. Whatever your topic is, it’s smart to grow your email list. For that, you can use the power of Contact Form 7 or MailChimp plugins. If you have some top products or services on sale, add attention. Your homepage sliders are the best way to do that. Sure, the theme features a responsive design that lets your website adapt to all smart devices. Thanks to the GDPR Compliance plugin, you can create a data-safe website that makes your visitors happier.

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Avicenna | Alternative Folk Medicine Doctor WordPress Theme + Shop

Top Oriental WordPress Themes for a Simple & Beautiful Website Design 5

While you have an endless array of oriental WordPress themes, Avicenna is still worth your attention. Take a look at its clean and attractive layout that adapts to smart devices no matter what. Although it works for the medicine niche, you can build just any other business website with it. In addition, it supports the WooCommerce plugin, so your online store can go live within minutes. And it can work even for a healthcare blog or magazine. 

Avicenna is a nice choice for medicine websites of all kinds. It comes with easy-to-manage features with no extra effort from your side. So, whether you want to craft a new page or change its overall look. For that, you don’t need to learn how to code. To help you with that, Avicenna supports WPBakery page builder. Next, there’s a powerful Booked plugin for managing your reservations online. In addition, it can work with the Gutenberg editor and GDPR Compliance plugin. Once you activate the ThemeREX Addons plugin, you can manage your APIs and social media profiles. Start a blog to tell everyone your whole story from start to finish. Avicenna comes with the best-inbuilt SEO features on board to make your content work for you.

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Chakra – Yoga Retreat & Leisure Center WordPress Theme

Top Oriental WordPress Themes for a Simple & Beautiful Website Design 6

Chakra is a professionally designed yoga retreat and leisure center WordPress theme with a clever convenient interface, comprehensive theme options panel, a variety of unique demos, and endless opportunities for their precise customization due to the Elementor Page Builder support. This theme is packed with excellent documentation and support to simplify the theme installation and customization process.

Speaking of the installation, the Chakra theme includes the One-Click installation support for accurate automated demo import. The theme has manageable sidebars, header, and footer. Also, there are lots of ways to build a stunning blog since the Chakra theme includes 4+ demo styles that you can tailor in the way you need. 

The most advantageous functions of the Chakra theme are provided by premium WP plugins, including responsive sliders, galleries, product pages, a shopping cart, code-free content management layout, lots of shortcodes, flexible color scheme, beautifully animated backgrounds, boxed and full width page layouts, and lots of other advantageous tools for effective online performance. 

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Tantra | A Yoga Studio and Fitness Club WordPress Theme

Tantra | A Yoga Studio and Fitness Club WordPress Theme
Top Oriental WordPress Themes for a Simple & Beautiful Website Design 7

Tantra can help you build a unique and interesting website to get your wellness business in shape. It’s one of the best oriental WordPress themes you can get today. Aside from a clean design, the theme features robust functionality right off the bat. So, your niche doesn’t matter. You can use Tantra for a yoga studio, holistic center, or spa salon website. Need to sell products online? Easily doable! 

The Events Calendar will ease your scheduling routine to manage things like a pro. Next, several pre-designed page layouts help represent your business online. Need more layouts? Then use WPBakery page builder and craft as many as you wish. You can create beautiful homepage sliders that promote your best products or services, thanks to the Revolution Slider. What’s more, it’s smart to place your customers’ reviews or testimonials there, too. With Essential Grid, you can organize your beautiful works or projects in awesome grids. Thanks to the responsive design, your stylish website will look the same regardless of the screen size. Want to add a bit of extra vibe to your pages? Then use Parallax effect backgrounds and enjoy the result.

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Edema | Wellness & Spa WordPress Theme

Top Oriental WordPress Themes for a Simple & Beautiful Website Design 8

The public’s general health and wellness is a top priority now, more than ever. And you can get a piece of that market pie. Build a website with Edema and bring the world’s attention. This responsive and stylish WP template can offer you a lot. It can work for any business in the healthcare, beauty, or fashion industry. You can even use it to create a photography portfolio or fashion blog. 

For the beginning, the theme is WooCommerce-ready, meaning it’s a great choice for launching an online store. Whatever you want to sell, do it on the go by tweaking things you need. Next, it supports the appointments booking functionality for getting more reservations. Also, you’ll find lots of pre-designed pages to showcase your business and what it can offer. Also, start a blog to create the best content that is easy to share with your visitors. To keep in touch with your users, it’s easy to use working web forms for contact and bookings. Sure, you can help your website stay at the top of SERP. For that, Edema comes with the best-inbuilt SEO features on board. There’s also the MegaMenu support to make your website navigation simple and convenient for your visitors.

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Mystik | Astrology & Esoteric Horoscope Fortune Telling WordPress Theme + RTL

Mystik | Astrology & Esoteric Horoscope Fortune Telling WordPress Theme + RTL
Top Oriental WordPress Themes for a Simple & Beautiful Website Design 9

Looking for something special? Then Mystik would be just the thing for you. This premium WP template lists the best oriental WordPress themes for reasons. And the biggest one is that it features a clean universal design. It’s better to use it for astrology or esoteric websites. Yet, there’s nothing to stop you from creating an event website. And the good thing is that you don’t have to learn how to code for that. 

Thanks to the WooCommerce integration, it’s easy to sell things online. So, you can launch an online store and modify everything you might need to make it work for you. Elementor comes as the major page builder for crafting layouts. You can start with pre-designed pages or create new layouts yourself. You’ll want to add more attention to your products or services. For that, place them on your homepage sliders and expect new visitors to come to your website. ThemeREX Addons plugin will help you manage your API keys and social media profiles. Besides, you can integrate your Insta acc with your website and let your users enjoy your responsive Insta feeds there. In addition, a data-safe website will build trust with your users and increase brand awareness.

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Holistic Center | Wellness and Spa Salon WordPress Theme

Holistic center
Top Oriental WordPress Themes for a Simple & Beautiful Website Design 10

Holistic Center is a nice choice for any healthcare website. Also, it allows you to highlight the benefits your products or services offer. Clean and responsive, the theme ensures that your brand will have a consistent look on all channels. And if you want to learn more about building a powerful website, Holistic Center can help. The most important part is to keep things simple and clear. And that’s not all difficult as you might think. 

The theme can work for healthcare and medicine websites of all kinds. It’s a good choice for an aromatherapy blog, skin expert with appointment option, or a beauty store. The key thing is that your brand will look awesome no matter the topic. You’ll find WooCommerce, Events Calendar, and Revolution Slider, among popular plugins. Also, consider that the theme supports the WPML plugin for your website to be readable for people worldwide. If you’d like to craft pages, use the power of WPBakery. That’s one of the powerful tools for customizing page layouts with no coding issues. When it comes to pre-designed pages, there are plenty. Thus, you can find pre-made price tables, services, or gift certificates.

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Nirvana | Yoga Studio and Fitness Club WordPress Theme

Top Oriental WordPress Themes for a Simple & Beautiful Website Design 11

When you create a website, look no further than Nirvana. This attractive and clean template will help encourage visitors to browse any further. If you’re unsure it will work for you, give it a chance, and you won’t regret it. Since it makes the list of oriental WordPress themes, it can work for yoga schools, holistic centers, and beauty shops. Also, it’s a great choice for event websites, meditation classes, and personal fitness instructors. 

Getting started is easy. First, check the collection of pre-designed pages you can use to your advantage. Next, you can tweak the overall look of your layouts using the powerful page builder. Also, you can easily manage your online appointments and get more reservations. Thanks to premade classes and schedule tables, visitors will know the freshest information. Forget not to integrate your Insta acc with your website. That can be a great way to encourage visitors to enjoy your responsive Insta feeds on your site. Once your visitors land on your site, do they know what to do next? Make sure you add clear and concise CTAs that help your visitors take action and provide them with some direction.

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Mandala | Yoga Studio and Wellness Center WordPress Theme

Top Oriental WordPress Themes for a Simple & Beautiful Website Design 12

Let’s narrow down your oriental WordPress themes choice to Mandala. Why? Well, there are lots of reasons. It’s a great choice for healthcare websites, beauty blogs, and online stores. Also, it can work for sports websites, meditation classes, and dance studios. The home page is the first thing people will see when they visit your site, so make sure it shines. Other benefits you’ll find by clicking the Details button.

The theme is bundled with the WooCommerce plugin lets you launch a fully-fledged store. Also, you can find several pre-designed page layouts you can customize to your liking. You can organize your works or projects in awesome grids thanks to Essential Grid. Also, the theme comes with the best-inbuilt SEO features. That will help your website appear at the top of SERP results. Custom shortcodes and widgets will help showcase your skills and achievements from the most flattering angles. Then you can add a bit of extra vibe to your pages using Parallax effect backgrounds. WPML plugin will help you translate your website into any language you need. If you’re unsure, you can do it yourself, start on a simple and effective design. That will help.

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Final Thoughts About Top Oriental WordPress Themes

Do you like oriental WordPress themes we handpicked for you? Take the time to learn the benefits each option offers. There are many factors to consider, so think on your feet and the goals you want to reach. One thing is sure; each template features a clean layout that can work for business & corporate websites of all kinds. Designing websites for yoga teachers and health or wellness entrepreneurs are no exception. So, have fun.

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