Top 10 puzzle games on Microsoft Store


Are you the type of person who likes to sit on the sofa and spend hours solving puzzles? Or maybe quiz will help you? Then you are in luck here. Here is a list of the most fun and addictive Puzzle and Trivia games available on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10.

Puzzle & quiz game for Windows 10 PC

  1. Microsoft Mahjong
  2. Microsoft Jigsaw
  3. Microsoft Sudoku
  4. Guess The TV Show
  5. Puzzle Gallery
  6. Trivia Crack Quiz
  7. Ultimate English Spelling Quiz
  8. PopcornTrivia
  9. Mind Games Free
  10. Extreme General Knowledge Quiz.

Here is a list of the best quiz and puzzle games available on the Microsoft Store.

1]Microsoft Mahjong

Puzzle & Quiz Game for Windows 10

With over 40 puzzles, match your tiles throughout. One of the world’s most loved board games, you can now play it on your favorite and custom themes.

Get daily challenges and also challenge your friends and family. Free download from this.

2]Microsoft Jigsaw

Microsoft Jigsaw

Play jigsaw puzzles, classic jigsaw puzzles and daily challenges from thousands of great games with this Jigsaw for Windows 10, Microsoft.

With special in-game trays and great layouts, you can find a fun jigsaw experience right here on all your Windows devices for free. Download from this.

3]Microsoft Sudoku

Microsoft Sudoku

There’s a reason why they say Sudoku is for patients. Tease your brain and play the world’s #1 logic puzzle game. Challenge your friends to it, beat your high score and all input methods are allowed. It doesn’t matter what kind of Windows device you’re using. You can access it with your keyboard, touch screen, and even a mouse.

Get it for free from this.

4]Guess The TV Show

Guess the TV show

You get four pictures and one word to crack the TV show name. Super simple but a brain teaser worth your time. So here’s a gift worth the time for all the TV fans out there.

Download from here on Windows Store.

5]Puzzle Gallery

Puzzle Library

Go back to your years and solve every jigsaw puzzle above Puzzle Gallery. Choose from a variety of elegant puzzles and spend your day and leisure time breaking your brain and surpassing your high score.

Download games from this free.

6]Trivia Crack Quiz

Trivia Crack Quiz

Hurry up! Time for the family to get together and test their trivia knowledge on three great game sets from Trivia Crack Quiz. Get logo quizzes, General Knowledge questions, and Trivia Crack challenges for your family this week.

Download this game from Microsoft Store!

7]Ultimate English Spelling Quiz

Basic English spelling test

Make your own bee spelling contest right in the comfort of your living room with your family and friends. Play great and difficult synonyms, antonyms, plurals and past tense puzzles and increase your score.

Free download from this.



Cleverly crafted cinepolis-style quiz game you can play Popcorn Trivia with your friends and family. Challenge them to new heights of everything in pop culture recent and old. Amazing levels and thousands of movie genres to choose from. You get popcorn and ratings to climb the entertainment ladder.

So, if you’re wondering what to do on this family night, the answer lies in Popcorn Trivia. Download from Microsoft Store.

9]Mind Games Free

Intellectual game

With more than 24 mind games you can train your brain on different logic and IQ games. Starting from divided attention, mind flow, prediction, abstraction, object memory, ordered learning and more.

One of the most user-friendly and well-delivered games available to you on the Microsoft Store. Free download from this.

10]Extreme General Knowledge Quiz

Extreme general knowledge quiz

Download and start playing wherever you are. It’s set up to give you the little thrill you’re looking for. Download it from this free.

Yes, everyone! Because this list is intended to give you that tickle and all that trivial thrill. So if you are a person who likes to win in trivial, GQ and logic games, then this list will be very helpful for you.

Guess the TV show

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