Root and install TWRP Recovery for Galaxy J7 2017 running Android Oreo


Root Galaxy J7 2017 on Android Oreo

Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 is a mid-range phone launched to target low-cost consumers globally. While high-end devices are often prioritized by OEMs when it comes to Android version updates, mid-range and low-end versions are often forgotten or regressed more slowly than the high-end versions. Quite surprisingly, the 2017 version of the Galaxy J7 received two major OS updates within a year. Samsung has rolled out Android 8.1 update of international and US versions and if you have already updated your phone, here is how you can safely root your Galaxy J7 2017 on Android Oreo and install TWRP recovery .

If you have not installed the 8.1 Oreo update with Samsung Experience 9.5 on your Galaxy J7 2017, see these instructions for manual installation:


Before you proceed to root your Galaxy J7 2017, it is obvious that the warranty will no longer apply to your device but you will be able to access the phone’s system files and completely install a custom rom to your liking, using root and Xposed apps and the Magisk module. Also you need to follow each step exactly or else your device will encounter unexpected error and this error is your own responsibility.


Now, here are the root and recovery files you need to download. The TWRP recovery provided below is compatible with SM-J730F and J730G both.

Unlock OEM and USB Debugging before proceeding

  • Download the driver installed on the computer to make sure the computer can connect to the phone.
  • Unlock OEM by going to Settings -> Developer Options on Galaxy J7 2017 and enabling USB Debugging. If you can’t find it Developer options listed among the Settings menu items, follow the instructions: Instructions to enable USB Debugging mode on Android devicesgalaxy s9 usb debugging
  • While following the rooting process, you will be asked to format your device and doing so will erase your phone’s internal storage. Therefore, we recommend backing up everything that is important to you. Also, make sure you have an external memory card inserted in the phone.
  • Finally, make sure your Galaxy J7 has at least 60% battery charge.

Root Galaxy J7 2017 on Android Oreo and install TWRP Recovery

After downloading the files needed to root Galaxy J7 2017 devices with model numbers SM-J730F and J730G, follow the instructions below:

  1. Copy files and to the external memory card.
  2. Decompression Odin3_v3.13.1.zipopen the extracted folder and run Odin3_v3.13.1.exe .
  3. Now reboot your Galaxy J7 on Download mode. To do so, press and hold the . key Volume Down + Home + Power at the same time for a few seconds. As soon as you get the warning screen, release all the keys and press the Volume Up button.
    download mode samsung
  4. Connect the J7 to the PC with a compatible USB cable, preferably with it. Gate ID:COM will turn green and you will see the message Added !! in the message box in Odin (see screenshot below). This shows that Odin has detected your phone.
  5. Now click on the tab Option in Odin and uncheck the option Auto Restart (F. Reset Time).
    odin options
  6. Then press the button AP in Odin, navigate to file TWRP-3.2.3-TwrpBuilder-j7y17lte-2018-09-13_15-35.tar and add it. Finally, click the button Start to start the installation.
    odin3 v3.13.1 ap twrp galaxy tab s4
  7. TWRP recovery will be installed on your phone in a few seconds and you will see the message PASS!. You can disconnect the USB cable.
  8. Hold the button Volume Down + Home + Power at the same time for about 7 seconds. As soon as the screen turns off, quickly release the Volume Down key while holding the Power key and pressing the Volume Up button.
  9. Once TWRP is started, slide the confirmation slider “Modification is allowed“.
    TWRP Poco F1 01
  10. In the main menu in TWRP, tap Wipe > Format Data and type “yes” To confirm. Now go back and choose Reboot > Restore . Doing so will reboot your phone back into TWRP recovery.
  11. Once your phone is booted into TWRP, tap the . button Setting Navigate to in the same way.
  12. It’s time to install Tap option Setting in TWRP and install it.
  13. Go back to the TWRP menu and press Restart -> Options system .

When the Galaxy J7 2017 boots up, open the apps list and find the app named Magisk there. If it is present, you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy J7 2017. Enjoy!

Ask for a favor ananjaser1211 from XDA to develop TWRP compatible Android Oreo compatible for Galaxy J7 2017.


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