Review Samsung Z Flip 4 phone, what’s the upgrade?


In recent years, flip phones have brought a new breath of design to smartphone lines. Join us in evaluating what’s special about the Samsung Z Flip 4 phone? Is there any improvement compared to previous Samsung folding phones.

How is Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 different from its predecessor? How is the design and performance? but so much information is sought by technology followers? Let’s find out through the article to know the impressive features that Samsung Z Flip 4 brings, new and different?

Review Samsung Z Flip 4 . phone

Samsung Z Flip 4 is Samsung’s new flagship model with a unique folding design, should it be upgraded to Samsung Z Flip 4?



Samsung Z Flip 4 with a sophisticated and luxurious design, a 6.8-inch screen and more specifically, a foldable phone, significantly reducing its size to put it in a pocket or backpack easily. , conveniently, you can leave the landline phone to take pictures, make calls without worrying about falling like a phone without this feature.

Besides, unlike the previous version, now the product frame is designed to be somewhat thicker and flatter, a new advantage that has been improved is the place where most of the folds are reduced, making the user experience better. much more realistic.


Samsung Z Flip 4 . phone review

Display screen with 1 billion colors, showing vividness on each image, quick touch, creating smoothness for the product when used. In addition, the camera set is very good, taking clear pictures, capturing every moment of the user, without worrying about losing interest with the camera part that is out of focus, blurry, broken, and comes with a refresh rate of up to 144 HZ when folded to use. . User Samsung phone You can unleash your creativity, take photos from every angle, create a personal photo collection that is different and colorful.



The product’s features are improved the most with modern technology, invested in the machine, making a difference with its predecessor. Rumor has it that Samsung Z Flip 4 will bring Android 11 operating system and configuration with Snapdragon 888+ 5G chip to make tasks fast, and 128GB internal memory, with this memory, you can be spoiled. store documents, games, without worrying about running out of space quickly.

review phone samsung flip 4

The battery life of the product is expected to be increased more or less, more complete than the previous product, so users will be more interested in this device, combined with fast charging will help the product score points in the eyes of consumers. use much more.

In addition, the sound of the product helps users get the experience on survival games, watching movies, or listening to music extremely clear, extremely good sound quality. Enhancing the quality of the Samsung Z Flip 4 phone product, the image is also a factor that makes this phone stand out from other products.

How much does Samsung Z Flip 4 cost? How much?

Samsung Z Flip 4 is expected to be released in August 2022, the product will be much improved, will be a new super product that will hit the technology market, will certainly be a formidable competitor to other products. products in the same category. According to some information from articles, it is expected that the price of the Samsung Z Flip 4 product will be about 27 to 28 million VND, extremely worthy of the performance and design of the product.

Review Samsung flip 4 phone with what upgrade?

Where to buy quality, genuine Samsung Z Flip 4

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So the above article has answered the question that, Samsung Z Flip 4 phone, what’s the upgrade? Hope you can make a decision to own a Samsung Z Flip 4, place a reputable order at CellphoneS without worrying about fake and fake goods anymore. Many of the above articles can give you more knowledge, please refer to it!


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