Review Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 camera, what’s improved?


Evaluation of camera parameters Galaxy Z Fold 4 has any upgrade compared to the previous generation. Is the photography ability of Samsung Fold 4 good? Find out now!

Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 is said to have a thinner and lighter design than the Fold 3 series, but is equipped with a more advanced camera cluster. Galaxy Fold 4 will most likely be released later this year, readers please refer to the article below to be able to update new improvements on this product line.

Review Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 camera in detail

Phone Samsung Fold 4 promises to have an impressive launch to customers thanks to the improvement on the camera system. Specifically, the product will be equipped with a cluster of 3 cameras with the resolution of the main sensor up to 108MP. This number says that the photos produced by the machine will have high sharpness, every detail will be clearly depicted.


In addition, the device is also equipped with a 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera that gives users panoramic shots. Comes with a 10MP camera and up to 3x zoom, you can zoom in on photos and don’t have to worry about broken photos.

In addition to the impressive 3-camera system above, it is likely that Samsung will equip its products with many other great photography features. We still don’t know what these features are at the moment, so please wait until the launch date.


Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 . camera review

Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 . camera review

Some leaked information about Samsung Galaxy Fold 4

Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 has been curious since the moment the first information about this phone model was revealed. Below are a few new points on this Fold 4 series, please refer to it.

The secondary display is smaller but more durable

The smartphone Samsung Z This new generation is expected to be equipped with an AMOLED panel with a layer of glass on top that is thinner and more durable than the Fold 3 series. Besides, the main outer screen of the Fold 4 is said to be longer than that of the Fold 3. The old version has a size of 7.2 inches, but the secondary screen inside is smaller with a size of only 6.3 inches.


Review Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 camera, what's improved?  first

Optimize performance with powerful chips

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus processor promises to be equipped for Samsung’s latest flagship line. If this information is true, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 will be one of the most powerful phones available today with smooth multitasking and handling all heavy tasks but without causing lag.

However, there are many reports that Samsung will reduce the memory capacity of this latest flagship line to only 128GB with the lowest priced version. This is because the company wants to save production costs. This may disappoint many of you because this smartphone is expected to store more data than the Fold 3 series.

Review Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 camera, what's improved?  2

Starting price and opening date for Samsung Galaxy Fold 4

Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 will be launched at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022 event on August 10 this year. Users will be able to order this flagship starting from August 26.

The starting price of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 is expected to be equivalent or possibly lower than the fold 3. Specifically, this number will fall below $1,799 (about VND 41.7 million).

Review Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 camera, what's improved?  3

If the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 is true to the initial predictions, this device will surely win the hearts of customers who love to take photos and videos with their phones. In addition to the camera system, the starting price of the product is also very reasonable compared to the quality of the device. Let’s welcome this super product in the coming August.


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