Remove Most Used Apps from Start Menu in Windows 10


Start Windows 10 gives you a number of customization options. It has features to enrich your Windows experience. It shows Live tiles and more! It even displays a list Most used, folders, and apps for convenience, know that you may want to reuse these files. For privacy purposes, some of you may not want these items to be visible. Let us see how you can remove the Most Used apps from the Windows 10 Start Menu – completely or only some items. We’ll also see how you can add your favorite places here.

Show or remove the most used apps from the Windows 10 Start Menu

show the most used apps start menu

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Click Personalize
  3. Then click Start
  4. In the Customization list you will see Shows the most used apps.
  5. Move the switch to the Off position.

Now open the Start Menu and you will have an empty space.

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Add folders and items to Windows 10 Start

If you want, you can add or remove some of the folders and places you visit frequently here to fill this empty space.

To do so, you will have to click in blue Choose which folders appear on Start as shown above in the picture.

The following Control Panel will open.

Choose which folders appear on Start

This allows you to customize where to link, in the Windows 10 Quick Links section.

Here you can add important items like Settings, Documents, Downloads folder etc to fill the space created. Pick the one you want by flipping the switch and you’ll see them appear in your Start.

Hide a specific program from the Most Used list

not show up in the list

If you only want to hide selected or specific programs in the Most Used list, then you can simply open the Start Menu, then right click on it and click Not showing in this list.

Hope this is useful!

Go here if you want to hide the group of recently added apps in the Windows 10 Start Menu.

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