Recording Android calls is extremely simple on today’s devices


Sometimes it is necessary to record an Android call to record an important conversation. The following article of GhienCongnghe will show you how to do this.

How to record Android calls on your phone using default voice recorder? Is it possible to use software to record Android calls? Together GhienCongnghe Check out good ways to Android call recorder in this post.

Record calls on Android without software

When you are on a call, if you want to record it, you can use the Android call recording function on the call screen. Proceed as follows:

Step 1: At the options on the call screen > Select the call recording icon (as shown). Then the voice call will start to be recorded)

Step 2: If you want to stop recording can press that button again. Or if you record to the end of the call, after the call ends, the recording will automatically be stored in the phone. You can completely open it and listen again.

Android call recorder

Step 3: To listen to the recording you have just finished, go to the correct folder where the system displays information. Or you can listen quickly in the Music application on your device.

Android call recorder

Record calls on Android with a third-party app

How to record calls with Automatic Call Recorder

If your phone is version from 4.0, you can completely install and use this software to record Android calls.

Automatic Call Recorder software download link here

When you call someone or receive a call from someone else, Automatic Call Recorder automatically records everything. So you don’t need to do anything. The more advanced version will have the ability to store recording files to the cloud (by default, it will save directly on the phone).

To listen to your recording files again > Click on the triangle icon next to it (as shown)

Android call recorder

How to record calls with Call recorder

Call Recorder has a simple interface but offers many features. In addition to Android call recording, you can also customize a lot of things to suit your needs, easily share recording files with friends through messages, social networks.

Call recorder software download link here

Step 1: Open the application, Select 3 dots > Select Setting > You turn on mode Call recording up.

Android call recorder

Step 2: Make a call > Then check by swiping down the notification bar > Now you will see a notification that the call is being recorded.

Android call recorder

These are types of 3rd party software. This means that when you download this software to record Android calls you must accept that they are not of guaranteed origin and may contain potential dangers.

However, the use of these types of software is that it can run in the background and not be detected by the enemy. When this software is installed on the phone, it can control all the information on that phone.

Related question

Is it possible to record calls on Android 10?

Any Android 10 phone cannot use the default voice recorder. This was confirmed by Google when it released Android 10. However, you can still download apps or recording software to use the call recording function.

So GhienCongListen has shared with you how to record Android calls with just a few simple steps. Don’t forget to Like, Share and follow GhienCongList’s articles to learn more useful knowledge.


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