Quick guide on how to make a good IG name that not everyone knows


Account name is always a matter of concern to many people, not only used to identify you with others, but nickname also shows your personality. Many people really want to have a good IG name but don’t know how to choose. Let’s find out below!

In the following article, we will give you a few criteria to help you choose a good IG nickname and guide you how to change your IG name.

Nice IG name

Criteria for choosing a good IG name

Named after characteristics, personality and interests

Each individual will have different preferences and personalities, you can rely on this criterion to choose a name that is both good and reflects your personality and personality. Best of all, naming by personality traits will also help others easily distinguish you from other users of the same name. For example you are a book lover you can name it Lovebook or booklover…

Named by date, month, year of birth

This is one of the most popular naming methods today, from famous KOLS and KOCs to ordinary Instagram users can name their nick this way. Some IG nick names named by date can be mentioned as: 26th May, 29th September…

Criteria to choose IG name or image 1

Name in English or change the syllable

There is a note I want to mention when naming IG nicks in English, that is, you should choose popular names instead of long, difficult names because that will make it difficult for people to find you. In addition to that, you can name by changing the syllable, for example Nhi into Nhy or Nhiie, Vi into Vyyy or Vee.

Named after the zodiac sign

Zodiac sign is also an interesting criterion for you to name, you can use both English and Vietnamese names. The English zodiac names may not be as popular in Vietnamese, but when put together, they look more luxurious and quality. Try naming according to the zodiac combined with the date of birth, maybe you will find a very special name.

Criteria to choose IG name or image 2

The above criteria are the most common criteria to help readers quickly find a good name on IG. There are many other naming methods that we cannot list them all here. Therefore, we invite you to refer to the list of the best IG names in 2022 below.

Summary of good and hot IG names in 2022

Some other good IG names you can refer to are:

  • @gowithme_
  • @travelandgo
  • @uyenthichhat
  • @trangmengu
  • @hanhbiettuot
  • @future.20
  • @allblackcreatives
  • @foanh.20
  • @thebluegirls
  • @bachknoweverything
  • @Karley.scameo
  • @theblackkindness
  • @isntitdarling
  • @mellow.doodles
  • @Gail102
  • @aqurious22.7
  • @TimmyBlossom
  • @areyouok?
  • @aries.1204
  • @27.thang12
  • @anhmefilm
  • @filmcochi
  • @filmora.02

Summary of good and hot IG names in 2022

Detailed instructions on how to change IG name

Step 1: Go to the app Instagram and select Personal page.

Instructions on how to rename IG very detailed step 1

Step 2: Press Edit on personal page.

Instructions on how to rename IG very detailed step 2

Step 3: After clicking, the editing interface will appear, you just need to edit the name in the section Name or User name.

Instructions on how to rename IG very detailed step 3

Step 4: India Accomplished to save.

Instructions on how to rename IG very detailed step 4


So the sharing of good IG names comes to an end. Thank you for reading and do not forget to continue to accompany us in the next articles.


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