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The old Ghost standard hasn’t been developed since 2012. Currently Ghost or hirent boot CD 15.2 is the last version supported by the manufacturer. At that time, there was still no concept of UEFI on computers. Around 2014 UEFI with many advantages was born, but ghost was no longer developed, it still used the old standard, making it impossible for you to ghost on computers. UEFI bios. At this time tib is chosen by many people with its ease of use, considering it as a ghost on UEFI. In this article, we will learn how to boot TIB files on Windows 11, 10.

What is Ghost TIB?

TIB is actually a backup file that backs up the C drive of a certain computer with Windows pre-installed inside. Extracting the ghost file is that you are decompressing the whole C drive of someone else’s computer to your computer. This method is very fast and convenient without having to install a lot of software. Commonly used by win installers because it’s fast, sometimes you can earn 200k.

But the downside of it is that if you carry the original windows of someone else’s computer, another configuration to your computer will cause some compatibility errors. But it also happens rarely, so it is accepted by many users. The stability is not equal to installing windows but it is very fast and supports UEFI, which Hiren’t Boot CD 15.2 is missing. Most computers today support the new UEFI standard with the exception of computers manufactured in 2014 or earlier.

Thanks to the SSD hard drive, installing Windows 11 today and above is extremely fast. With the hard drive’s copy speed up to 7Gb / s, the installation of windows file copying takes place in just 1 minute.

How to extract Ghost TIB file to install windows 11

To extract the TIB ghost file, you need a USB to boot into Win PE mode. Hoaky68 has a tutorial on creating AnhdvBoot USB which is extremely easy to understand. I will continue to guide you from when you have created the USB and booted into the Anhdv Boot rescue USB. When you have successfully booted to the USB, the interface will look like your computer is using windows 10. Here you can extract the windows 11 iso file if available and install the setup file here as well, no need for ghost.

Anhdv Boot USB set contains Acronis True Image software, the icon has the letter A
Anhdv Boot USB set contains Acronis True Image software, the icon has the letter A

The steps to perform ghost tib are as follows:

Step 1: You need to prepare the Windows 11 tib file and save it to the location other drive C (D, E or F) because we will extract the file to drive C. My computer has 2 drives, drive C and drive D, drive C installs win and drive D saves the TIB file. Back up all data in C drive to another place for safety.

Step 2: Open the software Patition Wizard 12 as in the picture up. This is powerful disk management software. We will format the drive with this software.

Format the drive before ghost tib
Format the drive before ghost tib

This software interface is the drives in your computer are. If the operation is wrong, that drive will lose all data immediately. Like my machine, format drive C by Delete C drive by right mouse into it and choose Delete. After deleting that drive will turn into unallocated form.

Step 3: You can see that your hard drive is disk 1 MBR, which means that the hard drive is in MBR format, not GPT because I am instructing on Windows 10, but Windows 11 must be GPT to be good, otherwise. install windows with iso file.

Reference: How to install Windows 11 for old computers with low configuration easily

After Delete C drive, press the . button Apply Please. Wait for it to finish formatting, then exit the application.

Step 4: Open the software Acronis True Image go up. The software interface has 2 main items, Backup and Recover. In the section Recover you choose item My Disks.

Ghost computer windows 11 tib MBR UEFI
Ghost computer windows 11 tib MBR UEFI

Step 5: A new window will appear, press the . button Browse.. to select the Tib file containing Windows 11. I save the file in drive D, so I choose drive D. After selecting, press next.

Select the Tib file to extract
Select the Tib file to extract

Next screen you choose Recover whole disks and pations then click Next.

Step 6: In this step, if your hard drive is MBR, then check your C NTFS drive and you’re done. If your hard drive is GPT, add it to the EFI System Partition Please. Look closely the capacity of one drive is Gb and the other is low Mb. Click Next.

Choose what to extract to the CLOUD drive
Choose what to extract to the CLOUD drive

Step 7: The next window you choose the item New Location.

Select the drive to extract the file for the second time
Select the drive to extract the file for the second time

Step 8: A new window will appear for you to select the drive. C drive after deleting it turns into the name Unllocated. You select it and press Accept.

Select drive C which is currently Unllocated
Select drive C which is currently Unllocated

Click Next and Proceed to start the extracting process. Watch the video to understand more.

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