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Set up data and quan ly Trinh cam (plugin) Mr. Minh Hoa

Set up data and quan ly Trinh cam (plugin) Mr. Minh Hoa

In this article we will learn what plugins are and how to install and manage them in WordPress.

What is WordPress Plugin?

You guys can understand plugin (plug-in) in WordPress as a small “software package”, written in the PHP language, based on the WordPress source code. It contains additional features that WordPress and Theme do not have or had but not “delicious”.

Additional features of the plugin can help prevent SPAM comments, clean up “junk” on the website, support image management, optimize images, etc.

Install Plugins

The WordPress plugin store is very large, at the time of writing this article, there are many WordPress plugin stores 47.869 the one and the download is 1,475,369,868 . Too many to choose right.

However, we should only install the plugins that are really necessary, installing a lot can make the website heavy and managing those plugins is also tiring. Then here I will install a plugin sample for you to try!

  • From page Dashboard >> select Plugins >> select Add New to add a new plugin as shown below.
Install a plugin on WordPress

Install a new plugin on WordPress

  • After clicking Add New then it will display a list of available plugins on the WordPress plugin repository. You can now choose to test any plugin by clicking Install Now then wait for it to install, after it’s done, click Activate to activate.
  • You can type in the search box a plugin by name. For example, here I want to install the Yoast SEO plugin to support writing articles, I will search with the keyword “Yoast SEO“. Then select Install Now and Activate done as above.
Search and install Yoast SEO Plugins

Search and install the Yoast SEO plugin

  • In addition, you can also install pre-downloaded plugins from the internet similar to installing themes. You just have to choose Upload Plugin >> select plugin file format .zip downloaded >> installed normally.

Manage Plugins

As above, I have installed the Yoast SEO plugin, plus the default 2 when installing WordPress, there are 3 plugins. Plugin management is up to you activateddeactivationor to clear they. In addition, you can also track how many plugins are installed, how many are inactive (Inactivate), recently activated plugins (Recently Active).

Remove unnecessary plugins

For example, here I don’t want to use 2 default plugins Akismet with Hello Dolly so i will delete it, to delete it i click delete as shown below is done.

Delete plugin not used

Remove unused plugins

Activate and deactivate the plugin

In the process of using, you find this plugin does not work “delicious” or want to use another “delicious” plugin, you can choose to deactivate (Deactive) or delete it completely, then click delete, note that before deleting some plugin you right deactivate it before that!

Activate a plugin

Deactivate a plugin

Ok, so I have finished the tutorial on how to install and manage plugins on WordPress. As for how to use them specifically, I will have a separate tutorial for a certain plugin.

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