How to install Win 11 to Win 10 when the computer has too many errors?


The computer when upgrading to Win 11 looks interesting and beautiful, but it encounters many errors because it is not compatible with current software. Follow this article by GhienCongList to know how to install Win 11 on Win 10.

Anyone with a compatible device can update to the official Windows 11 build. However, being a very new version, bugs and other problems related to software conflicts still occur. If you’re not satisfied with your Windows 11 experience so far, there are ways to bring your device back to Windows 10.

The article below by GhienCongListen will guide you how to install windows 11 to windows 10 Simple and doesn’t take too much time.

How to install Windows 11 to Windows 10 in the first 10 days to Windows 11

If you have tried Windows 11 Beta for 10 days and want to return immediately to Win 10 because of too many errors. This is very easy to do with just a few mouse clicks.

Microsoft has allowed you to rollback Windows 10 to previous versions within 10 days of updating to Windows 11.

Here is the simple method to downgrade from Windows 11 Beta to Windows 10:

1. Open Settings and make sure that tab System selected.

2. Scroll down and select the option Recovery.

how to install windows 11 to windows 10

3. In Recovery optionsyou will see the section Previous version of Windows. Click Go back to begin.

how to install windows 11 to windows 10

4. From the window that appears, select any option and click next.

5. When prompted to check for updates, click No, Thanks.

6. Click next from the following two screens and then click Go back to earlier build to start the process.

All your existing settings and files won’t be affected, but it’s a good idea to back up your PC first to make sure you don’t regret losing important data.

How to downgrade Win 11 to Win 10 after 10 days of upgrading to Windows 11

If you find yourself unable to roll back to Windows 10 using the above method, there is another way to do it. It involves a full reinstall of Windows 10, although this is more complicated than it actually is.

However, you need to back up important data first to a hard drive other than the C drive. Because the process below will wipe the data and perform a completely new installation of Windows 10 on the computer.

1. Visit the page Windows 10 download on Microsoft website.

2. In the section Create Windows 10 installation mediaclick Download tools now.

how to install windows 11 to windows 10

3. Once done, click on the downloaded file to open it.

4. From the pop-up window Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? Please choose Yes.

5. The Windows 10 Setup window should now appear. After a few seconds, click Accept to agree to the terms and conditions.

how to install windows 11 to windows 10

6. Screen Getting a few things ready will be displayed for a few seconds. From the next screen, select Upgrade this PC now and click next.

how to install windows 11 to windows 10

7. The latest version of Windows 10 will now be downloaded. You can still use your PC in the meantime.

how to install windows 11 to windows 10

8. Once the download is complete, click next and then click Accept from the following screen.

9. From the screen Choose what to keepmake sure you choose nothingthen select next once again.

10. You will now be on page Ready to install. Click Install to start the process, but pay attention: you won’t be able to go back from this step.

Once the process is complete, you will need to follow the steps as if you were using the device for the first time. The process shouldn’t take too long and you’ll be up and running with the latest version of Windows 10 within minutes.

The other option, of course, is to install Windows from USB. This is more suitable if you want to reinstall Windows 10 on multiple devices as it will only need to be downloaded once.

Problems when downgrading Win 11 to Win 10

You may have updated your Windows 10 laptop to Windows 11 Beta Insider Build today and downgraded back to Windows 10 after using it for a few hours.

However, after downgrading from Windows 11, Windows may experience some problems.

When you open Task Manager and select the Performance tab, it may not show the WiFi graph. After rebooting it will probably be back to normal.

Or after you install an app such as Win Terminal from the store. When you open it from the Start menu, it doesn’t open the Terminal app, but instead it redirects to the Microsoft Store.

You can try the same thing with another app, but the result will still be the same.

You may encounter many different errors after downgrading Win 11 to Win 10, if the operating system is unstable or there are many minor errors after downgrading, you may need to reinstall Windows 10 to solve it completely. for.

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So through the above article, you have been guided on how to install Win 11 on Win 10. If you find this article useful, please Like & Share so that GhienCongListen to continue to publish more quality articles.


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