How to Get More Views on TikTok and Grow Your Following

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Mastering TikTok can seem like a daunting task. After setting up a TikTok account for your brand and creating a consistent social media presence on this platform you may be wondering… what’s next? We’ve got you covered! Here are some tips on how to get more views on TikTok and grow your brand’s following.

Identify Your Target Audience

Before you can attract new followers and increase your views, you should know which types of followers you want to attract. This will help you determine what kind of content you’ll need to create, which hashtags to use, which creators you should collaborate with and more. 

Getting an idea of who your target audience is, and what their interests are will also help you work with the TikTok algorithm. This is because the algorithm curates a personalized For You page for every individual TikToker based on factors like videos they’ve engaged with, comments they’ve left, hashtags, location and more. By identifying your target audience’s interests, demographics and TikTok habits ahead of time you can create content that will reach more of the people you want to reach – eventually getting you more of the views and followers you want.

And don’t stop learning about your target audience once you create your initial strategy. By staying up-to-date on your TikTok analytics, you can gain even more audience insights, like when your audience is most active, and get more eyes on your content as a result.

Engage with Users in Your Niche

Once you’ve identified your audience and made sure your content is relevant to them, it’s time to think about improving engagement. One thing to remember about TikTok is that it’s all about community. 

TikTok is a major platform for content creation, yes, but that doesn’t mean you can forget the social aspect and still expect to see high returns. To start, you should follow your top followers and TikTok creators in your niche and engage with their content. The goal is to build a relationship with people on TikTok who are already fans of your brand, as well as those who have a following of people who fit into your target audience. This means if you get mentioned or tagged in a video, be sure to engage back! TikTokers are paying attention, and when you don’t reply after being tagged, they’ll take notice.

Other very useful tools when it comes to interacting with other TikTokers in the community are Duets and Stitches. Your brand can use these features to directly respond to other users or to remix their content with your own. This encourages more interaction and, consequently, engagement on your videos (which, thanks to the handy algorithm, can translate into more views)!

Pro tip: make sure your duets and stitches are turned on so others who see your content can duet/stitch it too! 

Pay Attention to Best Practices

As with any social media platform, you’ll need to consider TikTok’s nuances before you can start creating content that performs well and resonates. Here are some best practices to keep in mind to make the most out of your brand’s TikTok account:

    • Post consistently – We recommend posting daily, which will increase the possibility of your content being seen and let your followers know how often to expect new content.
    • Use TikTok hashtags – Hashtags are searchable, which can help your content be discovered, and they also give TikTok context about what your video is about. Keep your hashtags relevant to your videos, audience and brand, or even create your own and include it in all of your content to foster a sense of community. 
    • Be authentic – Some of the best content on TikTok is the most honest, relatable or humorous. Don’t worry about showing your best side at all times, TikTokers want to get to know the real you (or in this case – who your brand really is). So stay true to your brand’s personality and let the TikTok community in on it – more on this later!
    • Pay attention to TikTok’s Community Guidelines – This is a good rule of thumb for any social platform. Get familiar with these to prevent your content from being taken down.

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Join in on Popular Trends

Have a song stuck in your head? Can’t seem to run away from a specific filter or challenge? Why not join them! Participating in trending challenges or audios can help your brand get more views and followers on TikTok. 

Businesses, however, should be careful when selecting music to add to their TikTok content since using music that isn’t cleared for commercial use could lead to issues like copyright infringement. But that doesn’t mean avoiding music altogether! It’s safe to create your own sound on TikTok and to use sounds from TikTok’s Commercial Music Library (which contains over 150,000 pre-cleared and royalty-free sounds). Sounds within this library can become trending too! You can read more about music regulations and how to use TikTok’s Commercial Music Library here.

Want to get even more attention to your TikTok account? Create your own trend! Let’s look at e.l.f Cosmetics’ #eyeslipsface challenge. They wrote a catchy song to tie in with their challenge and bring awareness to their brand’s acronym (eyes, lips, face) and their inclusive values. The sound went so viral that the brand released the song on Spotify and it charted #4 on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart. In addition, the #eyeslipsface has 8.1 Billion views on TikTok.  They are a perfect example of creating the opportunity you need! If you can’t find the right trend… create your own!!

Show Off Your Brand’s Authentic Personality

There is no bigger deal-breaker than brands trying to take advantage of every single trend out there for the sake of views – so be careful you don’t go overboard. Create unique content that’s relevant and entertaining for your target audience but that also suits your brand’s personality. This could mean funny skits, tutorials or simply hauls showing off your top products. Keep in mind what works for one brand may not work for another.

@hellotushy creates bluntly humorous content that doesn’t take itself too seriously (which makes sense for the brand, as a bidet company) and it works for them! Experiment with showing off your brand’s personality in different ways until you find a style that strikes a chord. Need some extra inspiration? Check out our blog for more tips on what to post on TikTok!

When your viewers are entertained and feel like they know your brand, they will be more likely to interact with your content, and use your hashtags and sounds. This all helps boost your views, expand your reach and build brand awareness!

Use TikTok Promote

According to TikTok, Promote is a tool that can help you “get more people to discover your videos, guide more people to your website, and improve your chances to gain followers.” This is a new paid feature that allows brands to turn a video into an ad for however long you choose to promote that specific post. 

Similar to the Facebook Boost feature, brands can use TikTok Promote to either increase video videos, get more followers or get more website visitors (depending on the objective they select). Since the Promote feature was just made available to Business Accounts, there’s no telling how well it will perform quite yet, but if your brand has the budget, it may be worth the experiment!

Get Creators Posting About Your Brand

It’s as simple as that! Getting more people posting about your brand on TikTok can be extremely beneficial when trying to attract more views and new followers to your own account. By partnering up with multiple content creators, your brand can create buzz among their audience and get new followers to your account. Before taking this on, it’s important to identify the right TikTok creators for your brand and analyze if their audience aligns with your ideal customers to make sure you are attracting the followers you want.

Even after partnering up with creators, the work is not over! Getting people to agree to post about, and actually post about, your products can be a time-consuming process, but it can also produce great results. According to HubSpot, 90% of people believe brand recommendations from friends, so getting TikTok creators to tell their friends and followers about your brand’s products can be a powerful marketing touchpoint that could generate more buzz, views, follows or even sales for your brand. Want to see what a TikTok collaboration looks like? Here are some campaign examples and ideas to get you started!

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Collaborating with creators can be an effective way to get more views on TikTok and increase your following. And we’re here to help you achieve just that! When you’re ready, just chat with one of our TikTok marketing specialists about how we can match you with creators in your niche and get them posting content about your brand! 

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