Game Protector: Password Protect Games in Windows


Game Protector protect every game with a password and when any user tries to open the game it will prompt for the password so only you can launch it. Freeware Games Protector allows you to password protect your own PC Games, protecting game executables from unauthorized runs, both on your computer and even when you copy it to other computers. other count.

Password protection game

Password protection game

In a way, Game Protector is a very useful Parental Control tool for all parents. Are your kids playing computer games when they should be doing their homework? With Game Protector, you can choose to allow or block specific games, protect the Game EXE file with a secure password on your own PC, and you can control what games can be played in Windows.

It can even disguise your personal game by changing its icon and filename. For example, make your World of Warcraft look like a Word document! Therefore, it may also be of use to adults.

The program is very simple and has no complicated menus. When you first download the program and install it, you will see a simple window showing various configuration options.

All you have to do is choose to allow or block specific games. If you want to block some of them, just protect them with a password.

Open a game from the main window of the program and enter the password to block that game or password protect it. That’s it! You can configure other options such as changing the default icon of the program and more.

Free Download Game Protector

You can download Game Protector this. This freeware also works well on Windows 10.

Here is a list of links to posts that will show you how to password protect documents, files, folders, programs, etc in Windows.

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Password protection game

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