Effective junk cleaner and phone booster app


Many people still think that just deleting excess files and images on the phone can remove them all, but that is not the case. An app that cleans up junk and speeds up your phone is essential to help remove viruses and reduce phone lag. Especially for those who often play games, the application will support to speed up the phone, increase the phone’s battery life, protect the phone from wear and tear, and so on.

So which application is the most effective to clean up junk and speed up your phone in 2022, please join Sforum to refer to the article below to answer it right away.

Effective junk cleaner and phone booster app

Top 5 effective garbage & virus removal apps for phones in 2022

Clear Cache by App – Nox Cleaner

  • Link to download NoxCleaner for Android phones: Here.

Nox Cleaner is one of the indispensable applications to clean up junk and viruses on your phone. This application is designed with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. The ability to free up phone memory, clean and optimize on Nox Cleaner must be called great. What’s more, it has many other outstanding features that Android users can experience. Some features of the Nox Cleaner junk cleaner app include:

Clear Cache by App - Nox Cleaner

  • The application supports users to clean cache and junk files on the phone.
  • Speed ​​up RAM memory and optimize performance.
  • Support CPU cooling and temperature control.
  • Look for unnecessary background apps or processes.
  • Turn off power-hungry apps and save battery life.
  • Protect apps on Android phones from external threats.
  • Set up super fast phone notifications in just one second.

App to clean phone junk – Nox Security

  • Link to download Nox Security on Android phones: Here.

The next Android phone cleaner and booster app that you should download is the Nox Security phone cleaning app. With the ability to clean up memory, block viruses and delete junk files, help your device get more free space. At the same time, this phone cleaner application also has the following useful features:

App to clean phone junk - Nox Security

  • Virus scanning app helps to keep your phone safe from spyware, viruses, malware and other malicious software.
  • Helps lock applications, encrypt files, and personal information to be safe, enhance data security.
  • Minimize annoying advertising calls with Nox Security’s call blocking feature.
  • Check if the Wifi network you want to access is safe, minimizing network attacks.
  • Help clean junk, boost RAM, speed up and free up phone memory.
  • Detects battery draining apps and helps save device battery life.

Nova Cleaner – App to clean junk effectively

  • Link to download Nova Cleaner on Android phones: Here

Nova Cleaner is a phone cleaning application chosen by many users because of its ability to scan viruses, clean files and excess junk in just one touch. Not only that, this junk cleaner app also brings other useful features to help delete unnecessary applications or games, support to increase battery performance, etc. to increase phone performance and save the best battery. Some advantages of Nova Cleaner are as follows:

Nova Cleaner - App to clean junk effectively

  • Reduce phone lag and speed up phone quickly in just one touch.
  • Clean up maximum junk files and support storage space management.
  • Lock applications on the device, protect user’s private information.
  • Scan for viruses and free up space, boost phone speed to make gaming and web surfing experience smoother and smoother.

Nova Security – Quality and safe antivirus app

  • Link to download Nova Security on Android phones: Here

Viruses are always a concern of smartphone users today, so the Nova Security virus scanning app was born to solve this situation. Thanks to the anti-virus feature of the Nova Security application, it helps to make Android phones run smoother, increase performance and protect users’ privacy the best. Nova Security is one of the great solutions to protect Android phones from being hacked or infiltrated by malicious software, etc. In addition, it also has some outstanding features as follows:

Nova Security - Quality and safe antivirus app

  • Nova Security is the world’s leading smart and fast antivirus app, just one touch to keep your phone safe.
  • Protect your device 24/7 with safe browsing.
  • Support cleaning and removing all redundant files, cache and help increase the capacity of the phone.
  • Check and search for trusted WiFi addresses before connecting.
  • Lock apps to secure private confidential information that you don’t want others to see.
  • Nova Security helps to scan the status and reduce the CPU temperature of your phone, it only takes 30 seconds to make your CPU health the best.

Nox Booster – Application to increase Android phone performance

  • Link to download Nox Booster on Android phones: Here

Nox Booster is an application that helps reduce phone lag, increase game speed that gamers should not ignore. This application will assist in offloading unnecessary resources on Android phones and help speed up the phone. After a period of playing games, the phone appears laggy and often freezes, then Nox Booster will increase RAM for you, preventing programs that are running in the background on the device, helping the device operate smoothly. and faster. Besides, it also possesses some great features as follows:

Nox Booster - Android Phone Performance Booster

  • The application helps protect your device most comprehensively, avoiding the intrusion of viruses and malicious software.
  • Nox Booster removes applications running in the background on the phone that cause battery drain, optimizes and saves battery life for the device.
  • With just one touch, the device is quickly cooled down.
  • Freeing up RAM before playing the game makes the game smoother and more smooth,
  • Clean cache and junk files on your phone.
  • Support speed up and increase Android phone performance.


Above, Sforum has introduced to you the top 5 most effective and quality Android phone acceleration and cleaning apps in 2022. Hopefully, the information we provide will help you find a suitable application to clean up files and reduce lag on your phone.


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