22 Most Beautiful Website Templates 2022

If you are looking for the most beautiful website templates, the collection is here, ready for you to investigate. Indeed, on the list below, there is something for everyone.

The amount of templates that are appealing to the eye is immeasurable. But what is beautiful for me does not necessarily mean it is gorgeous for you. I might like super minimalistic design while digging something more colorful and playful to each their own.

You will find a wide range of beautiful website templates in the list below. From mobile app lander and beauty salon to an agency, portfolio, and online resume, there is a template for each.

You will also find multipurpose website templates to offer you even more varieties. For your information, most of the templates also come with different demos and plenty of inner pages to take care even of those who are hard to please.

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You might even find all these stunning website templates as an inspiration. See what is possible regarding web design and features and create the ultimate website for your or your client’s project.

The beautiful website templates we gathered for you are based on HTML and Bootstrap Framework to ensure full flexibility. They are highly customizable and super simple to use and work with.

They are 100% mobile-friendly for your websites to adjust to any screen resolution fluently. In brief, these templates are a shining example of what beautiful means.

Most beautiful WordPress themes


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With multi-purpose web design, like Divi, you truly can create any website you want. If you would like to establish a strong first impression, it is more than obvious that you would want your page to be appealing to the eye. Instead of doing all the work from the ground up, you can speed up the process with the whopping collection of more than eight hundred preset designs. Yes, that is 800! Divi has more than one hundred complete website demos for a super swift page establishment.

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22 most beautiful website templates 2022 630ccfec7c736

Jevelin is a beautiful website template that unlocks a new horizon of possibilities. As far as building professional and sophisticated pages goes, you can make it all happen with Jevelin. No need to be a professional web developer either; with Jevelin, even a newbie gets a chance to shine online with a striking web presence. Let’s face it, you will never need to touch a single line of code, thanks to the amazing and handy WPBakery page builder. It gives everyone an option to go as creative as you want with just a simple technique of dragging and dropping.

There is more to Jevelin.

The web design is fluid and flexible, adjusting to any device instantaneously. Moreover, Jevelin offers you to blog and even sell items online with the integration of the WooCommerce plugin. Get the installation process sorted out with a single click and already enjoy the amazingness of Jevelin.

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koral beautiful website template

Koral is a colorful, beautiful and modern tool, perfect for establishing an original and awe-inspiring website. Due to its multi-purposefulness, Koral works for building tons of different pages. You can pick eight different home page demos and an additional online store sample out of the box. Koral is also great for building one- and multi-page websites, fine-tuned to your taste precisely. WPBakery drag and drop page builder lets you do it yourself for any modifications and improvements.

In the Koral bundle, you will find unlimited features and functions. In short, if you dig the vibrant approach of Koral, you better consider using the tool right away.

From more than sixty UI modules, a ton of slider templates, many different header styles, portfolio layouts, blog section, mega menu, web store, you name it, the list of material goes forever. Of course, Koral also follows all the latest trends and regulations to ensure the flawless operation of your website.

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ohio beautiful website template

For everyone who is all about making a strong and lasting first impression on their potential prospects, let Ohio do the magic for you. With its vast collection of 27 and counting template demos, you will have no trouble finding the one that fits your style best. Not just that, the one that does spark your interest, you can freely utilize it as is aka out of the box. But making additional improvements is a possibility, too, as Ohio comes with WPBakery page builder.

Other amenities of the tool contain Slider Revolution, 38 custom shortcodes, 89 UI elements and layouts, various menu types, and a user-friendly admin dashboard. Last but not least, Ohio is optimized for outstanding performance across all devices and platforms, too. Let the game of bringing your killer online presence to life with Ohio begin. You will surely have a ton of fun along the way.

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billey wordpress theme

If you want to make beautiful things happen online, you better start with Billey. An all-around WordPress theme helps build an online portfolio or agency website. No need to do anything yourself; let Billey take care of it for your convenience. The many nifty page layouts and all these other elements make sure that you experience a swift creation of something novel. Present your business online in a way that will trigger everyone’s interest right from the get-go.

Moreover, even though there is very little chance that you will want to customize the gorgeous Billey, you can do that as well. You do not need to change the code, as you can make alterations visually exclusively. You will discover all sorts of extra specialties in the kit, like smooth scrolling, CSS3 animations, parallax effect, Instagram feed and the list.

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segovia wordpress theme

Minimalist design is winning design, and that’s what Segovia is very well aware of. This beautiful WordPress theme is perfect for online portfolios and helps establish a sophisticated blog. A pretty versatile tool if you will. But this is just the beginning of all the amazingness that Segovia has in store for you.

First and foremost, you get the must-have layouts and elements that you can mix and match at free will. Second, with the Elementor page builder, Segovia offers you the creative freedom to make an outcome that fits your definite style to a T.

Moreover, Segovia practices all the latest trends and regulations of the web to guarantee a spectacular performance. Speaking of performance, Segovia also adapts to all modern devices, retina screens and web browsers butter smoothly. It does not miss speed and SEO optimization to top it all up.

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atheus wordpress theme

Atheus is here to make business. It is a WordPress theme that will assist you in forging a website that will take your project to new heights. With its stunning and jaw-dropping design, you will have no trouble winning site visitors over to your side. And if this is hard to comprehend, visit Atheus’s live preview and witness the effect it will have on you first-hand.

I told you, right?

Great content/project showcase, animated statistics/milestones, a fully-functional contact page with Google Maps, a preloader, and a hamburger menu are just a small segment of all the highlights that Atheus presents. Drag and drop page builder, header fade effect, background audio, slider, and a unique blog section are some extra goodies that Atheus equips you with. Let’s mention a few more features.

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boldlab beautiful website template

Creativity mixed with modernism and minimalism is the whole idea behind the impressive Boldlab. This beautiful website template is packed with spectacular demos that anyone can profit from. Anything that you get in the kit is 100% functional and ready to level up your webspace. Along with an array of custom-made homes, Boldlab also delivers plenty more inner pages and other specialties that will do the trick. For your information, Boldlab is one of the best solutions for when you would like to forge a page either for an agency or a freelancer.

Different portfolio layouts, blog section, WPBakery, Slider Revolution, three types of paginations, social media, and three headers are just a small collection of features that you will find in the stuffed Boldlab bundle. You also do not need to worry about the technicalities, as Boldlab practices all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web.

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We have many other beautiful WordPress themes for you to choose from.

Most beautiful website templates


bari beautiful website template

Designing a website is an art, and it is only ideal to have it your way to represent your identity even better. With Bari, you can achieve this goal effortlessly. This beautiful website template is the newest trendy portfolio concept for agencies, freelancers, designers, photographers, etc. You can now craft a quick and easy online portfolio to showcase your work with a unique and creative touch.

Bari is a template with a minimalistic look, yet it still appears super professional. Due to its responsive and Bootstrap-based layout, your site will run as it should regardless of your device. Moreover, it also comes in to view beautifully on all the retina screens and stands out from the online crowd. And to spice things up, even more, a parallax background will do the trick.

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timisoara beautiful website template

Clean, simple and beautiful website template, Timisoara, is a tool full of rich goodies for SEO and digital agencies. Freelancers can benefit from it, too, as Timisoara easily adapts to different types of businesses and niches. You get two home pages, two different header styles, and all other necessities in the bundle. That would be inner pages, two contact pages, a blog segment, and three different filterable portfolio sections.

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brainux beautiful website template

Getting Brainux as your site base is truly a no-brainer. You can use this beautiful website template as a marketing page to push your brand, your products, services, and your portfolio. It has a creative and modern design with full documentation included. What’s more? Brainux is also responsive, put together to be mobile-friendly and in tune with all popular browsers. Your page will never crash, no matter where they come from.

Brainux has multiple sample layouts, all of which are easily customizable. However, you will like a particular look out of the box so much that you would not want to edit it a slight bit. If that is the case, just add your stuff and that’s it. You can add videos and slideshows as background or keep things simple and static. Brainux also comes with a working AJAX subscription, registration, and contact forms for your convenience.

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torneo beautiful website template

No matter how big your expectations are regarding website design, Torneo can exceed them. With such a fine and beautiful website template, you can easily craft pages for agencies, corporate businesses, etc. It is also a multi-purpose website template that you can use for different aims and purposes. Besides, it is a clean and simple template based on Bootstrap technology. Torneo is a responsive HTML5 template with 28 one-of-a-kind home page demos and more than 145 files.

That’s not it.

You can also gain access to many open-source add-ons, such as social networks, video and audio sites, and Revolution Slider. Moreover, Torneo includes eight header styles, thirty portfolio layouts, and more than forty components. In short, Torneo is a really big template that will serve you exceptionally well.

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woox beautiful website template

An outstanding design should be versatile, unique, and adaptable. Fortunately, Woox possesses all of these and a whole lot more. Woox is a beautiful website template that comes ideal for creative agencies willing to advertise their services and portfolios. It has a stylish and neat look that applies to different topics and even allows you to go against the grain with it. Woox is also fully responsive and mobile-ready, and with its Bootstrap Grid and CSS/HTML features, you can create a world-class website from your home.

Choose from more than forty pages, animations, sliders, carefully tailored widgets, and functional pop-ups. Along with the mentioned, Woox also has a sticky header and drop-down menu variations and SVG icons to give your website a distinct touch. Besides, Woox supports RTL languages for you to localize your web presence with ease.

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casely beautiful website template

When cleanness meets innovation, you get Casely, a beautiful website template ideal for agencies, online portfolios, and other business intentions. Can you use Casely if you are a freelancer, too? You bet! Casely is, after all, a tool that meets many users’ needed regardless of the different niches they are in. That’s called versatility if you will. Market yourself the right way and take your freshly launched project to an entirely new degree with help from Casely.

Moreover, the template has an amazing web design that is appealing to the eye and easy to skim through. It also sports awesome animations, twelve sample layouts, loads content on a scroll, and is fully ready for digital downloads. In addition, you will get three active and functional forms, newsletter, contact and registration, which you can make go live in a snap. Ready? Casely sure is.

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tri-o beautiful website template

Valuing generosity, Tri-O knows how to impart unique ideas to gain an edge. With this beautiful website template, you can find a trendy, all-in-one tool for any purpose or endeavor you wish to pursue. You can also create a quick and easy website with exceptional and professional touch to share something good. Out of the box, Tri-O comes with thirty incredible demos for building pages that vary from corporate, online store, agency, blog, and app showcase, to name a few. There is something for everyone.

Looking superb on mobile devices and possessing beautiful typography, Tri-O encourages you to stand out from the online crowd. Tri-O boasts six headers, 22 portfolio styles, social buttons, charts, tables, accordions, alert messages, etc. Whatever device you are using, your site will still look breathtaking.

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kotlis beautiful website template

Extensiveness and usefulness are two factors that creatives are looking for in a website, and Kotlis has both elements. This beautiful website template can provide more than that to surpass your expectations. Spread your inimitable photography creations online by adding backgrounds, adjusting templates and styling pages with fonts and color schemes. Since Kotlis intends to be the best web designer for photographers, expect award-winning features that will modernize your site.

Kotlis is also built around cultivating your web engagement with your clients. You can now easily differentiate yourself from the masses thanks to the outstandingly creative Kotlis. Select from numerous well-designed demos (seven!) that suit your concepts best. You can also choose between dark and light looks for an even quicker website fix. Furthermore, Kotlis supports all formats, and it is ideal for those with demanding tastes.

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pofo beautiful website template

Successful websites are not only just visually appealing but also highly technical and interactive. Generate an audience like no other with the Pofo template. This beautiful website template creates a creative design trend with its extensive features. Pofo is novel, stunning and modern, following the latest web and tech regulations. It is also a multi-purpose tool based on Bootstrap that ideally suits agency, corporate, and portfolio pages.

Moreover, Pofo comes with a whopping 25 home page demos, which perform butter smoothly and are easily adaptable. This gem also has loads of other functional pages, different portfolio styles, and enticing parallax and hover effects. There is more to explore to this template, and you will find what is the most applicable to your preferences trouble-free. The potential is there, you only need to take it to your advantage.

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inshot beautiful website template

Photographers, you are in for a treat. Whether a professional or an amateur photographer, do yourself a favor and have a solid internet presence to showcase your work. No need to be hiding, instead, show yourself and spread your creations amongst the global audience. A tool that helps you achieve that is Inshot. Here we have a fantastic and absolutely beautiful website template, Inshot, which you can use to bring your photo project to the next level.

Seven index pages, ten different single portfolio styles, six gripping portfolio pages, full-screen backgrounds, and video support give you a quick idea of what Inshot is made of. It is also responsive and retina-ready, comes with a premium Isotope plugin, and includes a MailChimp-ready subscription form. You will discover a ton of creativity and modernization in this single template that goes by Inshot.

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beautypress beautiful website template

BeautyPress is a beautiful website template for spas, wellness centers, beauty salons, and similar businesses. An army of features and predefined content hit every user to create the exact website they dreamt about. With five index page variations, you can quickly find the solution for your project and improve it to your likings. To cover just about every sector of your business, BeautyPress has more than forty extra pages to further speed up the page-building task.

Since BeautyPress is a Bootstrap 4 template, you know it is flexible and easy to customize. With various menu and footer styles, easy on the eye portfolio, parallax effect, and video background, BeautyPress has various solid features. Moreover, the menu smoothly hides on scroll but reveals when you start scrolling back to the top. If you are in the beauty business, any type, BeautyPress is the template that will do you well.

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sepia beautiful website template

Sepia is a photography website template for photographers, studios and agencies. With eight home styles and well over seventy pages, you can create almost any type of website you fancy. Look through the live preview first and get familiar with how much you can do using the Sepia template. Sepia is also a lovely addition to our best beautiful website templates and the photography thing. From landing-style, slideshow, categories carousel, and video intro front pages, to name a few, to the amazing features, your page will be a wonderful online spot where like-minded folks will love hanging out.

Each of the available layouts with Sepia offers to choose between dark and light versions. You will need to invest barely any work for the majority and set up a page with the Sepia template.

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Event Organizer

event organizer beautiful website template

Do you need a beautiful website template for conferences and events? If so, you better check out Event Organizer. It is everything you need to develop a website for the forthcoming event hosting. Five index pages are all you need since Event Organizer is a one-page website template. Visitors do not have to jump from page to page to find more details about the next conference and even a webinar, it is all a matter of a few scrolls away.

Event Organizer has all the vital parts of a supreme events website. Countdown timer, speaker, sponsor and gallery sections, register and booking forms, schedule and pricing tables. It is all there, you need to update it with your information and other whatnots.

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Lovely Wedding

lovely wedding beautiful website template

It is almost impossible to publish a list of the best beautiful website templates without one dedicated to weddings. Or maybe that is just me.

Who agrees with me?

Lovely Wedding is an HTML5 and Bootstrap Framework template to ensure it reaches all users’ levels. This might be your very first website, or you might already have hundreds of pages under your belt. Lovely Wedding starts your website developing journey with fourteen pretty and polished demos. There are two main versions, one with the menu at the top and one after the slider. Of course, each demo has other fantastic traits to turn the wedding website template demo of choice into an appealing and functional site.

What’s more about the Lovely Wedding template are the working RSVP form, bride and groom details, countdown and flawless animations. With the included documentation and how easy it is to customize it, you will hammer out the desired page shortly.

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