15 Best Domain Name Generators for Blogs & Websites 2022

Looking to start a blog but can’t come up with a name for it? These blog name generators will help you find a short and catchy name for your blog alongside its domain name.

A rose, by any other name, smells as sweet. Really? That’s an old saying that no one buys anymore. In the commercial world today, a name is everything. It is your identity, both online and offline. For many companies, the brand name becomes the most important asset. Think Nike, Google, Apple, Pepsi or Kellogs. These names never existed before (okay, Apple was there, but the variety we bite on). They were coined, adopted, and built into big, easily recognizable names. They have a tremendous brand value attached to them.

So, when you start a blog, pay attention to the name you want it to go by. If you’re in the business of selling auto parts online, you don’t want to become famous and be known by the name ‘howtobakecookies’, right?

What is the benchmark for a name for a blog or a website? No hard and fast rule, but a person who hears or sees it once ought to be able to return to the page without bookmarking it. The name may not start off as that but must have the potential to become a recognizable brand.

Your online name should be catchy, roll off the tongue easily, good to say, and good to hear. You should best avoid tongue twisters and mind puzzles. A shorter name is better, as it will be easy to remember. A shorter name is also better because you can avoid typos while typing URLs. You do not want a visitor to land upon a 404 error page simply because your name was hard to spell. Some feel that a longer name containing more keywords works better for search engines, but this is debatable.

A catchy name helps in brand building. It is easy to remember and easy to recall. Users feel comfortable saying it and asking for it by name.

You can place the names for blogs into two categories – those containing keywords or those that are brandable. The one mentioned earlier here -‘howtobakecookies’ contains keywords. Google is a brandable name – it is coined, made up, never existed before.

What kind of name works for you depends on your target audience. If your audience is fond of cookies or baking, the name ‘howtobakecookies’ may work for you and bring in traffic. This is because users will type in those words while searching for a site to help them bake. And search engines will find you more easily.

Google is synonymous with search engines and much more. But, while Google may not have been searched for when it started, it has built up brand recognition over time, and almost anyone in the online world will recognize the name today. So, your intended audience decides whether your name should be keyword based or brandable. A brandable name may be better if you are in for the long haul.

Of course, a name can be both – keyword-based and brandable. And that would be great.

While picking a name, the topics you want to cover in your blog, the style of writing you will use, and what you intend to achieve should be kept in mind. If the language you use is racy or funky or casual, there is no point in having a formal, stiff, or starchy name. This would mislead the audience.

If the blog is meant to be a personal diary or travelogue, perhaps you can use your name for the blog and stamp your style. It may work very well if the blog content is interesting. You can try various combinations – a keyword here, a made-up word there, your name – mix and match till you come up with the right combination.

If you are stumped in finding a name for your blog, you can try a few available tools. These are domain name suggestion tools; most of them work pretty well to come up with several names you may like. All these tools have some common features,

  • They search for names based on any word you input, including keywords.
  • It can tell you what names are available and what names have been taken.
  • They can help you buy the domain name and register it.

Take a look at some available blog name generator tools:

Nameboy – Blog Name Generator

nameboy - blog name generator

Nameboy is a cool name generator and domain searcher. Based on the keywords you enter, it comes up with suitable names that you can use for your blog, website or company. You need to enter a primary and optional secondary descriptions and checkboxes for hyphens and rhyme.

If you find a name you like, you can login, put it onto a cart and save it for later domain registration. If you already own any domain names, you can also add them to the cart and keep track of them. You can appraise domain names from the cart page, buy them, and protect them. If you create an account with Nameboy, you can maintain a list of all your domains, wherever they have been registered.

Nameboy partners with hosting providers, ISPs, domain registration services and legal services to offer you a complete bouquet of services related to finding and registering a name. It works with Domain name registrars to get you the most favorable deals.


panabee - blog and domain name generator

You’ve got to describe your idea in two words and hit Search in Panabee and it will come up the list of available names based on the words. It can also make alternate suggestions derived from the words you keyed in to help you widen your search.

Panabee searches multiple platforms so you know if the word you selected is available on Facebook or Twitter. It has an international reach and can help you register country-based domains.



InstantDomains is a fantastic platform for everything domain names-related. And if you are in the process of coming up with the best name for your new project or business idea, use InstantDomains’ domain name generator and find all sorts of different ideas. These could be an inspiration or an actual name that you will use. What’s cool about InstantDomains is the filtering functions it sports. You can choose between many different industries, like eCommerce, dog, music, nature, health, yoga, tattoo, etc.

Also, if you are particularly interested in a specific extension, tick only the required one(s). Lastly, mark how many characters you would like your domain name to have, from two to twenty. For instance, if you type in “colorlib” and set the characters counter at three, you get “colorlibhub.”

lean domain search

Lean Domain Search is a search engine that helps you find the domain name you want in seconds. You have to enter the word that you want included in your blog name and the search engine will pair it with other possible words to come up with a combination that is available for registration.

It is free tool that is 95% accurate, but accuracy is expected to improve as unavailable names are rooted out with repeated searches.

This tool is now owned by Automattic Inc, the people behind WordPress.

Brand Name Generator

webhostinggeeks brand name generator

Brand Name Generator by WebHostingGeeks is a cool tool to help you find your brand name/domain name. Type in the keyword, set up parameters and hit the “generate” button. Regarding the parameters, you can search for different extensions, where you would like the keyword to appear, and the length. Expect tons of different variations, which will help you find the right one much easier. However, it is not only about generating domain, but a complete branding guide will help you make the right decisions. With Brand Name Generator, you can either find the name you are looking for, or it will help expand your inspiration.



DomainWheel is another cool solution for helping you find a domain name. It is a straightforward solution, as you must type in the desired keyword and let DomainWheel do all the rest. Also, you can select the extensions, too, but that is it. Along with some possible domain names, DomainWheel also offers random suggestions, rhymes, and other words that sound similar to yours. You will have a lot of fun trying out all bunch of possibilities before going with the clear winner. Some premium alternatives are available but do not necessarily relate to your search.


namelix domain name generator

Namelix is not necessarily a domain name generator, still, it will help you pick a cool business name. In short, if you have difficulty choosing a unique and brandable name, Namelix is here to help you out. Once you type in the keyword and press the “generate” button, Namelix offers a few additional options. First, you can pick between three different lengths, short (3-6 letter), medium (6-12 letter) and long (12+ letters). You also have different name styles, like brandable names, foreign words, misspellings, rhymes, compound words and more. The results also bring different names and possible logo ideas to the table.

IsItWP’s Domain Name Generator

isitwp domain name generator

IsItWP’s Domain Name Generator also has its own free domain name generator that you can use to gain a few extra ideas. What’s cool with the list of tools we have here is that you can use them all just to compare the results. You might even end up mixing ideas from different generators to find the perfect one for you. Hey, all these solutions are entirely free of charge, so why not giving them all a go? IsItWP will deliver tons of name ideas, and you can even use two different keywords in the search bar. You will also learn how IsItWP’s generator works and how to choose the best domain name guide.



Wordoid is an online tool that will help you come up with nice sounding names. Wordoids are coined words that sound great. It is an intelligent tool that is based on phonetics. The words that this tool comes up with will not be in the pages of any dictionary, and they will potentially become a nice name for a brand.

Make words in many languages using Wordoid. You need to pick a language, and you can pick more than one to give your name a cosmopolitan feel. Then, choose a keyword, and select the quality level you want. The name you choose can be short or long. Wordoid will offer you many names with variants. You can check their domain availability before you use it for your blog.

The tool is free. But, if you want to view your previous search history or pin wordoids that you like so that you can revisit them later, then you will have to sign in. There is no need to create a separate account and you can sign in using Facebook or Google.

instant domain search

If you have a general idea for a name but still want to find different variations, use Instant Domain Search. After you type in the word and hit the search button, you instantly get many combinations. You do not even need to hit the search button, as soon as you start typing in your word, suggestions appear right in front of your eyes.

Instant Domain Search shows both registered and available domain names. The former directly connects to the WHOIS, so you learn more about the owner (if the details are public). For a speedy solution to your main idea, Instant Domain Search is a fantastic platform that delivers loads of variations that could be a fit.



Namesmith is another excellent domain name generator that will help you come up with the best name for your objective. Whether you use it just for inspiration or to find the name you want to use, Namesmith gets the job done easily. While you can type in up to five words that somewhat describe your idea, you can just go with the random search and see what happens – as simple as that.

Let’s take the words “king,” “money,” “boss” and “opulence” as an example. What Namesmith delivers are ideas such as “kingboss,” “kingglish,” “hormoney,” “kingthing” and “kyng” amongst many others. The platform even breaks name ideas down by exact keywords, blends, rhymes and pre-/suffixies, and modifications. If you need some hot names, you better check out what Namesmith has in store for you.



Sometimes, you get a complete blank when you pick a new name for your new project. Go with a domain name generator and save time and energy to avoid the hassle. It does not necessarily mean that you should stick to the exact name that, for instance, NameStation provides. You can use it to boost your creative thinking; however, sometimes, the name is so good, you want to stick to it and not overcomplicate. Let NameStation help you out on your journey to the domain name idea that matches your plan best.

Enter one or more keywords, choose the extension and generate names. You can include/exclude both related words and popular affixes. NameStation also recommends other keyword ideas related to the one you provide. Also, you can hide all the taken names so NameStation displays only the readily available ones for you to go with.

Shopify’s Business Name Generator

shopify business name generator

Shopify’s Business Name Generator is slightly different from all the other domain name generators you find on this list. First and foremost, it helps you find the name for your upcoming business. Just enter your query and hit enter. The page opens a horde of different business names variations containing your specific query. If that means “boss,” Shopify’s business name generator generates names like Boss Solo, Boss Pub, Daily Boss and Extraordinary Boss to name a few.

Have in mind, Shopify’s business name generator is exclusive to the platform. That said, if you are interested in starting your own Shopify store but still need to find a name, this is your best tool to come up with the page title that will spark everyone’s curiosity.

Online Generator

At Online Generator, you can get a name for a bunch of purposes – business, domain, project, company or product. You can also find nicknames, fantasy names, superhero names, random names or fake names. If it is blog names you are looking for, you should head to the Codename Generator.

online generator

This tool combines nouns, verbs and adjectives using random algorithms. As the names are generated randomly, you will find names of all kinds of names, some suitable and many that are not suitable. You will need to sift through them and find what you like.

You must keep hitting the button and browsing the list of generated names. Also, you can save any name you like and check its availability. You really should find what you are looking for, as they claim to generate over 5 million names.



A search with Domainr is not restricted to the .com., .org, or .net space. Domainr allows you to search the entire domain space, including more than 1700 Top Level Domains. It also works closely with Registrars and brokers to help you register the name you come up with.

Domainr helps you check whether your chosen name is available for registration. It searches for every possible domain name based on your inputs and suggests alternate available names.

Domains Bot

domains bot

Domains Bot comes with the tagline that they convert ideas into names. The developers designed it for Registrars and players in the domain industry. They claim that 8 out of the 10 world’s largest Registrars use Domains Bot. It uses name spinner technology to provide meaningful and relevant domain names. They source the data from a mix of publicly available records and a huge database of keywords collected and fine tuned over the years.

It works in pretty much the same fashion as the other tools. You have to make your keyword choice and the tool will come up with any number of suggestions. You can add prefixes or suffixes to your search criteria. The suggestions will increase the chances of conversion into registrations. A user is converted into a customer for the Registrars and others who display Domains Bot on their site.

You can also add a jQuery plugin to your site to integrate Domains Bot. You need to copy and paste a snippet and customize it with a little CSS if you wish.

Domains Bot is a paid service, and many plans are based on search volume. The starting price is $19.95 per month, up to $199.95 per month. This site also displays a list of Registrars with their prices.


Dot-o-Mator is a simple tool that tips on how to name your blog. You can pick a beginning word and an ending word and click on Combine to see the tool’s suggestions. You can even pick words from the drop-down suggestions in the boxes.

dot-o-mator domain name generator

If you like a name, you can save it to the Scratch Board or even search for its availability.

Domain It

A Quick Search feature is available in Domain It and it will tell you if the name is available or not. The name I typed in was not available in the .com space, but it suggested many other popular domains which I may not have thought of. And I could straight away add the available names to cart.

domain it domain name generator

You can also search for names based on keyword input, and refine it with parameters like hyphens and number or length of words.

As an ICANN accredited Registrar, they claim to offer significantly lower rates than the competitors. They offer allied services like web hosting and custom email. The developers also offer URL forwarding, which means that if you have multiple domain names, you can get them all to point to the same website. If you don’t want to publicize your domain ownership details, you can use their Whois Privacy Services.

There are many more name suggestion tools available, and in case you want to look beyond the ones discussed above, you can try any of these,

  • Free Domain Name Generator is a simple tool where you enter your keyword, choose the prefixes and suffixes you want, and hit Go. As a next step, you can check the generated names for availability. This tool usually appraises the suggested names for suitability.
  • Domain Typer is a fast Domain Search Tool that helps you find country and generic domains. You can also check the page rank of any website by simply typing in the URL of that website.
  • Domize works similarly to the other name search tools. It comes with a Power Search feature that allows bulk search of lists and combinations of words.
  • Impossibility searches for domain names based on a combination of words to show you the list of unregistered .com names, based on your combination. They use multiple servers in parallel to speed up the search.
  • With Spinxo, you can just click on the Spin button and watch it generate random names. If you feed in keywords, you will get more customized names. You can also find names for social media and check the availability of names for Twitter, Facebook, Skype and Tumblr.

And Finally

Finding the right name for your blog right at the very start is essential. Also, you now have many handy blog name generators at your disposal, and you are sure to find the name you like using any one of them.

If anything worked well for you, or if you have any other tool that you find useful, do share it here.

Let us know if you liked the post.

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